Commercial Locksmith Chicago

There are many professional commercial locksmiths in the Chicago area who have exceptional reputations. But we have spent years harnessing their talents and becoming some of the top leaders in their professional field.  We offer quality products and expedient service on a 24-hour basis. With a full inventory, you can call us of you need a particular brand locks.

So, no matter when the need strikes you there will be our technician who is available to help you out. Because there are so many locksmiths in the Chicago area, you would think that it would be quite the competitive market and while it is to a point, we as locksmiths put our customers first and therefore if we are unable to complete a job in a timely manner we will recommend a partner company, who can do the job just as well as we can.

Licensed and certified locksmiths

Keep our names on file and when you find yourself in an emergency you will have our number to turn to. This can greatly limit any stress that comes along with a situation like locking your keys in the car or a break-in.

We understand that emergencies can be trying and that in situations like this time is of the essence. We can guarantee that when you turn to us, your commercial locksmith Chicago we will have you back in business within 24-hours, usually less. We also keep are prices at a reasonable level. There are no exorbitant feel when it comes to replacing locks or installing security systems. Here are some of the quality commercial locksmith services we offer:

  • Repair of high security locks
  • Smartcard access
  • Access control system installation
  • Intercom and buzzers
  • Rekey Locks
  • Smoke and fire alarm systems
  • Master key systems
  • Safe and vaults installation

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Affordable locksmiths

We are up front about what we do as part of our services and why we charge what we charge. That way you have full knowledge of what you are paying for before we ever start work. This can help you make the best decision regarding your locks and/or security project. It is important to us as your locksmith to give you best service possible at the lowest price possible. With this being said, we only offer high-end quality products.
Call us today with any of your lock and/or security system concerns.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quick response and same day repairs that we offer. When we receive your call, we dispatch a locksmith equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to work on any lock and key requirement. Additionally, our office is manned by expert locksmiths 24/7 and there are locksmiths to assist you over the phone or reach out to you when you are having issues.

Emergency lock and key services

Most people are unavailable during work hours and that is why to accommodate your schedule, we schedule appointments over the weekend and on holidays. This ensures you can reach out to us whenever convenient. We’ll be happy to come over and evaluate your problem or assist you with choosing the right security systems.

If you have an emergency we assure you that we will have a technician out to see you within 24-hours or less. We have technicians waiting for your call 24/7 and they are knowledgeable and skilled in their area. They will be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Don’t hesitate to call us, your local Chicago locksmith, or simply keep our number on file, close at hand in case of emergencies. We’ll be glad to be of assistance.